Our team had a lot of fun working with Atlanta based band “Fighting Sides” on the debut of their single “Altar.” For this project, Hunter created the lyric video for the song and then we followed it up with a campaign to promote the single. Below you can find the video as well as some notes on the campaign!

Video Released: July 6th, 2017


Altar¬†was added to Alternative Press’ AP Discover¬†playlist on Spotify which is currently the #1 place people are finding Fighting Sides on Spotify. This boost propelled the song to be the bands hottest track on their Spotify playlist and spreading their fanbase reach outside of Atalanta to notable places such as Chicago and Dallas.

Altar was also added to Mike Ziemer’s Unsigned Spotlight playlist which is followed closely by many industry professionals as well as music fans.

Alternative Press shared news about the music video alongside news that day on Paramore, Twenty One Pilots, The Killers, and more. News was posted on website and shared across all platforms.

In the first two weeks of being released, the lyric video for Altar reached just under 10,000 viewers.


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